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Thread Rose Ring

Thread Rose Ring

I was playing around with some thread  came up with a rose ring i thought you might like  to make your self. Or even for fingers that swell, or can’t wear some metals.  I could think of Many Reasons Why to make them, so  here it is 🙂

Thread Blue Rose Ring

Thread Blue Rose Ring

American Terms. used. 

stitches used

ch~ chain

sc~ single crochet

dc~ double crochet (only for leaf) 

Tr~ Triple crochet  (only for leaf)

What you will need~


your choice of needle~ i used a shape end with a large eye for the thread to go threw.

Number 4 steel hook( i used a #4 steel hook).  or what ever size  helps   (most suggest a #7 to work this thread with.) 

 you will need thread. i used # 10 Thread. 

in this case i used

Dark red, Blue, off white, and hunter green. all # 10 thread.  you will not need much  takes very little for a single ring.

ok  if your ready lets get started 🙂

start with the off white  or what ever color you would like to use for the base of the ring. 

leave a long tail to sew in to the ring on both your starting thread and ending thread. 

Row 1: ch 4.  work  sc across chain for 3 sc total.  ch 1 turn,

Row 2:  3 sc ch 1, turn  Repeat this Row tell it fits over the knuckle of the finger you want to wear it on.    will be hard to see  the rows and count stitches.  i used 20 to 23 rows.  

sl st the 3 sts. don’t cut tell it fits over the knuckle a little tight but sides on and  back off finger.

fitting over the knuckle will work best,

 if you get the ring wet it will stretch out  so if it’s a little snug this will help it.

 If it is loose already  you may want to wear it on another finger and make a tighter one. 

Ring Base

Ok now that you have the size as you like  put your hook down,  Cut the thread leaving a tail to sew with.  Fold your ring in half with your first and last row matching.  your 3 sl stitches. on top. with 2 thread ends from ring. 

Now  take one thread end  and thread your needle (or if you rather tie them then do that.) work the thread end back and forth threw the 3 sl sts.  weave it threw a few stitches in the row below to lock it in.  The other end you can hold on and use it to weave back threw your rose or just weave it in and cut it off. 

 Now test your ring  Does it fit?  If  it fits and your ready lets get to the  next part.

Ring base


Blue , and Gold one made with #1 rose pattern. Dark Red, and Purple in #2 rose pattern.

The Rose and leaves~ 

#1~  In Blue or your choice color~   leave a long tail on both ends to sew with.

Ch 20,  sc in 3rd chain from hook, ch 3, skip 2 stitches and sc, across.  if you don’t have a sc in the last chain it’s not the end of the world.  no one will see it. 🙂  cut. leave a long tail 

#2~ in Dark Red~ or your choice color.  

ch 20, sc in 3rd from hook. ch 2, sc in same stitch, sc next st, ch 2, sc in same stitch.( repeat sc ch 2, sc  to end).  cut leave long tail.

now roll the starting end up to  the end with thread tails. ( like a cinnamon roll. )

Thread your needle and sew thew the center of the rose like slicing the cinnamon roll in half.  work threw the other side the same when you have it ready to sew to ring slip needle to center and sew to center closing seam on your ring.  this will cover your  seam on ring. ( the 3 sl sts on top)

Starting Leaf can crochet on or just sew on.

Starting Leaf can crochet on or just sew on.

Now for the Leaves ~  make 2.  Leave long tail on both ends to sew with.

(you can sl st on ring and start leaf or make it and sew it in place after.  I did sl st on, worked leaf, then  sl st to ring at end of leaf.  used a long tail to sew leaves down not working all the way threw the ring. just picking up a loop or 2 to hold  or tack it down. )

Chain 4,  tr in 4th ch from hook. dc in same place cut.   leave tail to sew to ring. both sides. 

Ending leaf. sl st. or just sew on.

Ending leaf. sl st.
or just sew on.

take one end thread needle and sew to ring just next to rose weave in end (or tie off on the  under side.) thread other side and  sew down and weave off or tie on under side and repeat with other leaf. 


100_1299 100_1295 100_1294 100_1292 100_1291 100_1298

your done. i hope you enjoy your ring.  🙂  the sewing is the hardest part of it and getting one to fit you just right.  you might have to make  more than one.  If you don’t like the sewing part you can tie them off like i said before 🙂  i hope that helps 🙂

Finished Ring. ends all weaved in. Will last longer than a life time :)

Finished Ring. ends all weaved in. Will last longer than a life time 🙂

Finished Ring. Notice no knots, or threads on inside of ring other than a sl st on both sides of the leaves.

Finished Ring. Notice no knots, or threads on inside of ring other than a sl st on both sides of the leaves.

my first one fits my pinky finger better than my ring finger 🙂  but after i get it wet it will fit perfectly 🙂  

Shell 🙂   Lets see your rings:)

By the Way~ last night i thought it would be cute to have a corset like ring or a guarder like ring 🙂

the inspiration is endless 🙂  

Other rings i have been playing with. Notice the Gold one made with gold thread, and the Silver thread.  different Thread  works very differently.

Other rings i have been playing with. Notice the Gold one made with gold thread, and the Silver thread. different Thread works very differently.

repeating skull stitch pattern

repeating skull stitch pattern

After spending time looking for a repeating skull pattern and not finding one i came up with this repeating skull stitch pattern.

I am left handed, so i thought i would  give you a written pattern as well as a chart. i found this pattern a lot of fun, and wanted to share this pattern with all of you.

I found my self wanting a sweater right way.

repeating skull sweater


i could see this pattern used in so many ways, i had to share it 🙂



ok now that you see the finished picture  lets get to it.

American terms used.

Hook J  and worst weight is what i used. I  know you will find the yarn and hook that works for you best.


Here is the Chart if you rather, it is  in right hand.


repeating skull stitch chart

repeating skull stitch chart


Stitched used

ch~ chain

sc~ single crochet

dc~ double crochet

sk sts~ skip stitches



Row 1: chain 18, dc in 4th from hook.

Ch 5, sk 4 sts, dc in next 4 sts, ch 5, sk 4 sts, dc in last 2, Turn

right hand row 1

right hand row 1



left hand  row 1

left hand row 1


Row 2: ch 1, sc in same space as chain and next st, 5 sc in chain space loop, sc first dc, ch 3, sk 2 sts, sc in last dc, 5 sc in chain space loop sc last 2 sts. Turn

right hand row 2

right hand row 2



left hand row 2

left hand row 2


Row 3: ch 1, sc in same space as chain, ch 3, sk 3 sts, sc next st, ch 5, sc in chain 3 space, ch 5, sk 3 sts, sc last st. Turn

right hand row 3

right hand row 3



left hand row 3

left hand row 3


Row 4: ch 1, sc in same space as chain,

ch 3, sc next sc, 4 sc in chain space loop, sc in next sc, 4 sc in chain space loop, sc next sc, ch 3, sc in last sc. Turn

right hand row 4

right hand row 4


left hand row 4

left hand row 4









Row 5: ch 1, sc in same space as chain, ch 5, sk 3 sc, sc next 5 sts, ch 5, sc in last sc.



right hand row 5

right hand row 5



left hand row 5

left hand row 5






   One skull now complete.



 Work Row 6 to start another set of skulls.

Row 6: ch 3, dc in same space as chain, ch 5, sk 1 sc, dc in next st, 2 dc in next st, dc next st, ch 5, 2 dc in last st. Turn

right hand row 6

right hand row 6



left hand row 6

left hand row 6

       now repeat row 2 threw 5 to complete another skull.

           and that is it. 🙂





now your on your way to making Repeating skulls 🙂


i hope this Inspires  you to make repeating skull the next time your looking for a stitch to play with 🙂



2 repeating skulls

2 repeating skulls


2 repeating skull so you can see how the next skull will look if your making more than one in a row.

Notice 5 stitches skipped on the head with a chain 5, and 5 sc on top for row 5.


~ chain for repeating skulls~

chain ~18  = one skull  repeating.

chain ~ 26 = 2 skulls repeating

both are counting the chain only as 2 for your starting chain.


Repeating skull stitch sweater~ was made with 3 skeins of super savers red heart in worst weight yarn, with ~ J hook. chain was 58 counting my starting chain.  worked 8  sets of repeating skulls with 6 skulls in each row. 4 skulls in a sleeve row,9 sets on a sleeve.  worked flat in 4 pieces. sc ch 1, up sides and over shoulders. as well as along sleeves up to shoulder , then worked on to shoulder starting at arm pit to attach sleeves.

there you have it. 🙂  i hope to see your projects soon.  Happy hooking Shell 🙂




left hand

left hand

right hand

right hand


















Crochet Movie Popcorn

If you love Popcorn   you might  just love making these for fun.  

What you will need

Worst weight yarn  White, and Yellow

Hook  G

a stitch marker


blunt needle to sew in end


Stitches Used

magic ring

sl st- slip stitch

sc- single crochet

sc2tog- decrease 2 stitches together

Flo~ Front loop only



in yellow or white

Row 1:  magic ring , 6 sc in ring, (pull ring closed.) (6 total)

Row 2:  2 sc in first st, sc next 2 sts, 2 sc in next st, sc next 2 sts.  (8 total) ( tie your tail end now i used a triple knot.)

Row 3: sc each st around.(8 total) ( now stuff, or fold that tail end in the center of your popcorn)

Row 4: sc2tog the first 2 sts, sc next 2 sts, sc2tog next 2 sts, sc last 2 sts. (6 total)

Row 5: FLO  this row around, *3 sc in next st, sl st next st, repeat 2 more times.*   

pull up  loop and cut leaving a tail to weave back in, this will  close the opening of bottom of pop corn.

now squish  your popcorn back down to give it that puffy look 🙂 your done.

 now make as many as you want in as many flavors as you like 🙂


Here is a close up of the popcorn. salted, butter, and caramel. i didn’t find the color i needed for cheesy popcorn.

The Bag i made for the popcorn, was made from an old CD. 

If your interested in  making this bag  i used this method to make it. follow this  link

i used worst weight yarn, hook H, pulled my starting loop threw the center opening on the CD. slst over edge of CD this stitch does not count.

sc 44 times around CD. total. 

to make it red and white alternate 4 red sts, and 4 white sts, for 8 rows.

carry over the other color, on last dc you will switch colors on the last yo, to complete the dc. your new color should be on top of  finished dc, to start your new color. 

use a reverse sc to finish it off and give it an edge.. cut your done. 

i hope that helps. 

this pattern uses very little yarn.

fast and fun.

not to mention a load of laughs when you trick some one into thinking they are real 🙂

Now you just need the Movie 😀



Stash yarn monsters


Stash yarn monsters were inspired  by a picture i found online.

these would work great on any garment crochet or not, weather you want to make some thing more monster like or just place them in random places they are a lot of fun.

These eyes are made with stash scrap yarn. takes very little yarn and less than 2 cotton balls of cotton or fiber.

I made some adjustments so  if you don’t like loosing your eyes you wont 🙂

Adding fuzzy eye lash yarn around the eyes really makes them come alive. You could make a pair of Lorax eyes  with these.  I wish i had thought of making these for my Agent “T”.  well  there is always  another day  right?

ok lets get to it.  here is what you need.

Worst weight yarn~ some scrap  pieces

scissors~  cut  yarn only.

Blunt needle~ to sew in ends

Hook ~H or smaller to obtain  the Gage you need.



American terms

Stitches used

Magic ring

slip stitch ~sl st

single crochet~ sc

sc2tog~  to work 2 sc in a decrease together.

All Rows Join UNLESS TOLD TO TURN. ( last row of eye lid)

All Rows will have a Ch 1, and sc in the same place and count as 1.



Eye Lid~  make 2

Row 1:   magic ring ,6 sc

Row 2:  12 sc  (2sc each st)

Row 3:  18 sc  ( sc, 2 sc next st. around)

Row 4-5:  sc each st   (18 total)

Row 6:   ch 1, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc, sl st 2 ch 1, turn

sc in first sc,( <~skip over the sl sts) sc 3 more 4 total, sl st next 2 sc, do not turn

sc next 6, sl st next 2 sts, ch 1, turn

sc in first sc,(<~ again skip over the sl sts) sc next 5, sl st next st, sl st one more done cut , use this end to sew the 2 eyes together so they stay together . not necessary to sew the eye lids together.

(Poke the center string back threw other side to attach it to some thing you wants to have monster eyes.)



Eye ball~  make 2

Row 1:  (in black)  magic ring, 5 sc, cut

Row 2:  (in brown) 10 sc (2 sc each st)  cut

Row 3:  (in white )15 sc ( 2 sc, sc, around)

Row 4-5:  sc each st  (total  15 sc )

Row 6:  sc2tog all but last stitch ( 7 sc2togs and 1 sc. Total ) stuff eye now.

Less than 2 cotton balls needed of fiber, or filling.

Row 7:  Sc2tog each st.( 4 remaining  sts. left )

**If you would like to attach the eye to lids so they wont get lost**  if not  cut your done.

Flip eye lid inside out, and attach the eye to center with a sl st or sc and you wont lose your eyes

Chain 2, sl st in  center  of eye lid and ch 2 sl st back to eye ball Cut done.

now put them together 🙂


 Lastly take some different yarn fuzzy or latch some yarn and make eye brows or a mustache even ( I used the 2nd to last row and worked over that.)



 If you need a little more help with the eye’s and lids  here you go 🙂


picture above  is  the start of the  eye. i didn’t weave in the ends i started my next color with a sl st next to the last st i made.



again i didn’t weave in the ends and started next to the last sts made.



the first 3 rows made, now to decrease the next row.



7 sc2togs and sc the last st.  about this much cotton or scrap yarn.



4 sc2togs on top, ch 2.  to attach it to  eye lid.



pull the center sting back threw to other side so you can work the eye ball in, now flip it inside out so you can see.



place your hook from one side to the center opening(magic ring) to attach your eye ball sl st or sc,  across from  the stitch you just made sl st or sc again. then ch 2, and sl st back to eye ball.



weave in that end. and your done with the eye 🙂



this is what you should have now.



now if you want the 2 eyes to stay together and keep the look you made sew the lose end you finished the lid with to sew them together in the middle of the 2 eye.

Remember  your eye will move freely in the lid, but the lid is set. so  when sewing  the 2 lids together make sure you have them where you want them first.

then  go Crazy they are monsters after all 🙂

stash yarn monsters


give  them some character 🙂

100_0030Have fun taming your monsters, they tend to get in to  things late at night , and they don’t like to share 😦

i hope you enjoy this  fun scrap buster project.

now i have some thing to use those little scrap  pieces of yarn for.

Thank you for  checking them out  Shell 🙂


Since i found this  i had to make one. I think the Creator  is Awesome 🙂

i soon found my self making many more.


i didn’t use button’s  for this Super Girl Minion.

i will note : i used Pipe cleaners for the arms. folded a jumbo pipe cleaner, they helped a lot.

I did change the pattern of the feet i didn’t like the way it was made, and i made my pockets one row bigger to make sure my Gru sign fit.

Since i don’t really use plastic eyes and what not. I would rather made them.  I did.


Here is a close up of the Eye.

What you will need~

Black, White, and  Brown,  Light Blue.

very little yarn used in these parts.

worst weight yarn.

Stitches Used ~

magic ring

ch~ chain

sl st~ slip stitch

sc~ single crochet

sc2tog~   decrease 2 sts together.


In Black~  Magic ring, 5 sc in ring.  sl st to 1st st.  cut weave in ends  now or at end of eye.

In Brown~ sl st on, in same place 2 sc, 2 sc each st around  10 sts total. sl st to 1st  st. cut, weave in ends.

In White~ sl st on sc in same st, 2 sc in next st, *repeat sc next st, 2 sc next st.*  sl st to 1st one,

ch 1, work one last row if you want your eye big.

or cut now. leaving along  tail to sew with.

last row eye, sc next 2, 2 sc, around sl st cut leave long tail to sew with.

i hope this helps some one with the eye not put in this free pattern link above.


ok Next i had to make a mouth.  so…………. you guessed it.

Here it is.


now the mouth seem simple enough but was not sure about how to get the teeth to look the way i wanted well as it turns out  there happen tp be a Corner to Corner Craze going on and  yep i used the stitch to make that happen 🙂 lol

ok Here it is….

Mouth 1~ Big laughing mouth. In Black~

Row 1)  Magic ring, 5 sc,  do NOT JOIN with a sl st. pull loop to tighten up ring.

Row 2)  2 sc each st 10 sc total

Row 3)  sc, 2 sc next st around.

Row 4)  sc next 2 sts, 2 sc next st, around.

Row 5)  sc next 3 sts, 2 sc next st, around.

Row 6)  sc next 4 sts, 2 sc next st, around. Cut leave long tail to sew with.

you can make this a row or 2 shorter as well.

Mouth 2~  In Black~

Row 1) Magic Ring, 4 sc in ring. do NOT JOIN  with a sl st.  pull loop to tighten up ring.

Row 2)  2 sc each st around 8 sc total.

Row 3)  sc, 2 sc next st, around.

Row 4)  sc next 2, 2 sc next st, around,

Row 5) sc next 3, 2 sc next st, around.  Cut  leave long tail to sew with.

Teeth~ in White~   the way this works a ” Tooth is made in 2 chains” With a Cluster St. of only 2.

For 6 teeth~ using a Cluster stitch of 2 to make your tooth.

ch 15, work cluster st in 4th and 5th from hook, ch 2, sl st in last st made,* ch 2, work cluster st in next 2 sts, ch 2, sl st in last st made.* repeat to end. leave long tail to sew with.

4 teeth~   ch 8, plus your chain 3  = 11 total. for your 4 teeth.

sew middle of  teeth just above mouth so the teeth are over the mouth edge before sewing mouth to Body as well as tongue.

Tongue~ in Red~

Ch 7,  work cluster st, in 4th and 5th from hook, ch 2, sl st to last st, ch 2, work cluster st in last 2.  ch 2, sl st to last st.  Cut,  leave tail to sew with sew to mouth before mouth is sewed to body.

Since i am a lefty, i made this 2 ways so  you don’t have to use the back side.

i think #1 is Right Handed. and other Left Handed since it worked well for me and the other was backwards to me.


Gru sign #1 Right Handed.

Light Blue~   magic ring ch 2, 4 sc, ch 1,

4 sc ch 1,

4 sc ch 1,

3 sc, hdc, ch 3, sl st to ring. Cut, leave long tail to sew with. slowly pull your magic ring now not too much. weave in this end.

Gru sign #2 Left Handed.

Light Blue~ (lefty)

magic ring ch 3, hdc, 3 sc,

ch 1, 4 sc,

ch 1, 4 sc,

ch 1, 4 sc, ch 2, sl st to ring  Cut, leave long tail to sew with.

slowly pull your magic ring now not too much. weave in this end.

you will want to check it against, your pocket, make sure your “G” sign is centered and just inside your  yellow Dash Line.

After sewing this G on,

use some Black~ and just out line the G out side edge and in center using the  yarn to  work over the center to hold the blue thread and cover it, and define your G<~ line better.

all this done before pocket is sewed down to overall’s.


My adventures not over yet. i am still making more.

I have made a shorter chubbier~~ one all i did there was ~

Increase the Round 2 more Rows.

( in other words i increased the head 2 rows from the last increase at 7 sc, 2 sc in the next st, around to =  9 sc, 2 sc in the next st. i added 2 more rows.)

then~ i decreased the 55 Rows of sc, by only 5 rows. then worked as you would to close.

nothing any different other than i used~ Mouth 2 for Chubbier minion. it’s just a better one.

i hope this helps some one making their minions.

We all need a little help.


That’s not my Shirt.  I do like how it has me think out side the Box when it comes to minions.

Half or full Eye Lid~ 

ch 10, sc in the 2nd from hook and remaining sts.   9 sc total.

sc2tog first 2 sts, and last 2 sts. with 5 sc in middle.   7 sts total

sc2tog first 2 and last 2 sts again with 3 sc in middle.  5 sts total.

cut leave tail to sew  to body.


You Just never know what they are up to……… just have you laughing tell you side hurts.

Super Minion Eye Lash~

Eye Lash~

ch 6, sc in 2nd ch from hook.(<~ main chain).  ch 3, sl st down these 2 ch.  sc next st on main ch,* ch 4, sl st down these 3 ch. sc next st on main chain. repeat one more time*

ch 3, sl st down these 2 ch.  sc last st on main chain. leave tail to sew with. sew down to eye lid.


Minion Girl hair~


in Brown~

ch 30, 3 sc in 2nd ch from hook.

2 sc in the next st,

2 sc in the next,

sc each remaining sts.  cut  leave tail to sew with, weave in other end.

sewing these in i used 2 spaces , and turned the hair on it’s side. sewing threw one side at top hole space,  then threw the bottom hole space to  other side of hair (weaved in end side.)  pull tight and weave threw hair to lock in.   🙂


My Favorite picture Super Minion Girl And her Side kick Jack Sparrow~ Fist of steel.  the look in his face means he means business.! lol

he is a handy ” Able”  Sparrow.  more amazing then, Bruce Lee in the Green Hornet 🙂




Well, i will see you later,  these minions  keep you pretty busy just trying to remember their names 🙂

I found this  Skull Shawl Pattern Free.  As well as this Chart .skull shawl

The Creator  was very clever, created it back in April.

Since then i have been working on it, playing with it. It’s a lot of Fun 🙂

The pattern is written in Swedish and English. There are 2 methods work eyes first, or Work them in as you go. I worked them is as i went. You can find it down the Skull Shawl Pattern Page, Along with a Cheat Sheet when you get the hang of it.

I have made every mistake you could lol  i feel your pain  if your having problems getting pasted 3 working on the Shawl.

I discovered i made it too hard on my self, Mistakes i made~

So, i will save you some trouble, always increase on the 6th Chain across. Not the 5th or it will change your pattern and will not work right beyond. Check and Re check.

next, always check your chains to head ( if you ch 2 by mistake you will be frogging it shortly after. )

Make sure your ch 2, hdtr are there and chains are correct. ( starting chain ) or it will be lopsided.

All stitches need to be the same, not too loose, not to tight don’t change tension.  or your shape will change on the Diamonds.

Check all your 4 dc make sure it’s not 5 or 3.  unless working wrap where that changes.

Using the Pattern  Created,  i made my own Head Wrap and wanted to share  it with you. 🙂

***If you have not worked the Skull Shawl Pattern,  and would like to make the head Wrap You Will Need the link   i posted above to start the Wrap.  You will stop working on the link page at End of Row 14. ***

****  I used  hdtr~ Half Double Crochet ,Rather than dtr~ Double Treble crochet****


This Wrap will pick up from here. You may still need to refer back to the pattern for help at first.

U.S. terms

What you will  need ~

Hook and yarn of your choice.  not a lot of yarn used here. a 7 oz, will give you more than one.

i used a H hook, and worst weight yarn.

Stitches Used~

Yo~ wrap yarn on hook.

ch~ Chain

sl st~ Slip Stitch

sc~Single crochet

dc~ Double crochet

(I used  hdtr~ Rather than dtr~ Double Treble crochet)

hdtr ~ Half Double Treble   ( Yo 3, put hook in loop , yo draw threw 2, yo draw threw 2, yo draw threw last 3.)

Now, as i said before  you will need the link  above.  Work threw Row 14.

This picture shows the end of Row 14.   (I am Left Handed by the way.)


this is a close up.


Here i have the skull head wrap folded in half.

It should look the same on both sides.   Check it over make sure there are no mistakes.


Start~ with a sl st. This starts the Head Wrap Row 15


Next ch 3, work 3 dc in this first space. ch 2, 4 dc. look below at next picture  to see it better.

work as you would 4 dc, ch 2, to center top ch 6, ( Rather than 9 or 8)


this picture shows the end of Row 15, and Start of 16.  This Row 16:  you will need work over that center ch 6, ( 4 dc, ch 2, 4dc )


This is a better look at Rows  15, 16, and the start of 17.


I made this Chart  for help Row 15~19 to finish the skull head wrap.


Here is the picture with out the dots. So you can see the stitches. Remember i am left handed.

If your Right handed this may be backwards to you.

That is it, on the Skull Head Wrap cut and weave in ends.  look below for more on this.


Back side of the Wrap measured  3 1/2  to 4 inches.


12 inches long.


20 inches for a head so it will stretch some if needed for a larger head.

If you have a smaller head i made a tie for mine, ch 4, dc,* ch 3, dc,  repeat* 52 total.  cut weave in ends.


Your Finished Skull Wrap should look like this, if you use a tie like mine  you can weave it in the spaces or in between the 2 dc in middle of 4. like i did.


Here is a close up.  Tie in front between 2 dc, and threw the 2 middle dc around.


Here is the tie in front


Here is the Tie in back only threw the 2 middle dc of the 4.



This is your Finished Picture and how to put it on.


If you do not want it connected, Would Rather a button and loop.

you will need to stop the Increase on the sides, skip the ch 2, hdtr  and ch 8. Starting at Row 15. instead repeat the ch 3, and ch 5, method for a flat Edge.

I think for smaller heads the Tie works Great in back.

You can even tuck the corner in back looks nice too 🙂

I have been Working a lot of Projects up with this Clever Pattern. I hope to Update this post soon with more of my work in This skull pattern. I hope you like  this pattern and find it fun to make too. 🙂


If your a Face Book Fan you have seen some of them already 🙂

Skull Head Wrap

See you soon. Shell

I came across this post from {Mommy}Creations heart bracelet it didn’t read it tell after i made this but the picture was so inspiring  i made a rose  from this ideal.

Rose Bracelet/ Necklace

It was an easy thought after seeing the heart bracelet.

Here is what i did for the Rose:

Worst weight yarn Red, and Variegation’s of green.

G hook 4.25 mm

American Terms.

sl st~ slip stitch

Rose bracelet/ necklace

ch~ chain

dc~ double crochet

picot ~ ch 3, in 3rd from hook make a sc or sl st.

I made a rose, with a ch of about 20 and 7 dc for a petal and sc the next st.

(You can use any Rose pattern you like for this.)

Then in my Green i ch 7, dc in 4th ch from hook, ch3, sl st in same st. For a leaf.
For a tiny bump like a thorn make a picot.
What i did with the vine was  ch 7, make a leaf, ch 7, picot ,ch 7, to length doubled for around my neck.
Then sl st back to rose for a long loop vine.
Use the end of the loop to loop over the rose  to wear it on the neck, loop it 2 times over the arm before looping over rose.
That is it.
super easy right?  It makes a great choker as well  🙂

Rose Necklace/ bracelet
This one was inspired from the one above its just as easy. I got it done in less that a few mins.  So i know you can too . 🙂  The difference is this :
Tr~ triple crochet

I started with a ch 12, 3 dc in the 3rd ch from the hook.  Work 3 dc each st.
When you get to the end, sl st it threw a stitch to hold the rose shape,
sl st threw  the back to the other end you coiled in middle work threw the bottom of the ch and poke back up the next st and yo,  sl st it, pull it down some, then sl st  the next stitches over for the other side , so it does not spiral out and lose shape as a rose.
Then ch 7,  for your spacing, put a stitch marker on the 7th to keep track of it, now ch 12 and repeat the rose. Make this as long as you need.
Then ch10, for a loop to put over rose to wear.
For the Leaf  Vine~sl st on rose ch 11,
( dc in 3rd from hook , Tr, ch 3 , sl st to same place) sl st next st, repeat.
Twist it over roses sl st down and Cut. That is it . 🙂
( I have 5 roses here, and  and 5 leaves. it fits me as a choker, and 2 times around my wrist for a bracelet.)   🙂
I hope you have fun with this Yarnicle .
It’s Easy and Fast 🙂
See you soon  Michelle 🙂

Rose bracelet/ necklace

Bonsai Tree


This Bonsai Tree was a lot of fun and very easy to make. The tricky part was getting it to stand up after adding the leaves. One rock seemed Enough for now.  I hope it leads to more fun Bonsai’s  to come.

stands at 8 inches tall and 5 inches wide.

I wanted some thing to go with my Asian Style stuff in my living room. After making the doll  i kept making more to go with her and i am not done yet 🙂 Can’t seem to stop my self  lol.

i bought a case to put “Sparrow” my Oriental Doll  in.  Next thing i knew i bought a dragon pattern on line  to go with the Doll.


I even made  her some Shoes. hard to see in the picture so  i will show you.





Now i will work on a much smaller Bonsai  for the doll.  As well as an  Orchid plant.

got so excited over this  i may make a vase and scroll to go with it.  maybe even a stand for her in the box.?

my thoughts are spinning at all i could  do with this. Inspiration, every where.  😉

Oriental doll

Sparrow Oriental doll

while i was working on the dark angel , i thought i wanted to work on a doll i have not seen any one make yet. a challenge i yelled!  i must do this i thought.

so i got started , got my  note book out and drew a picture, then gave it thought  lots of it.  let it stew in my head 2 weeks and i think it’s about ready to do.

she is tallest doll so far i have made 😉

she has beads, cherry blossoms, leaves, and  birds.  i must say she turned out just as i wanted.  I worked on this while talking to a good friend on Face book , Christy helped me  see what i needed to make this really come together completely. with out her help it would have not been as nice. ty Again Christy  😉

This small bird, is a pattern i made  for Sparrow from a drawing.

Bird was made in # 10 thread and # 12 thread.  i used a # 7  hook and # 10 hook. to make it as small as i could.


Bird~ don’t chain too loosely or the eye will be too big unless you want that.

ch 8, sl st 2nd ch from hook, in next st ( sc, 3 hdc, ) in the next sc, dc next 3, to last st, ( 3 dc, hdc. in last) work tail next do not cut off.

Tail ~ ch 2, dc, tr, ch 1, tr, dc, ch 2 sl st. cut weave in or tie off, ( if you don’t want to cut off ch3)

Find the 3rd dc on top behind head. Start big wing there.

Big Wing~ ch 7, sl st 2nd from hook, sc 2, hdc 3, sl st ( to back of bird 4th dc,)

ch 2, turn, hdc, ch 2, (3times), last 3 dc (in place of hdc) weave off or cut. Big wing finished

Small Wing ~ (small back wing), ch 6 sl st first 2, sc remaining 3,sl st, turn ,

ch, 2, sc, across, last 2 sl st in place of sc, weave in ends or cut. Small wing finished,  finished bird.

If you would like to add legs stitch them in with thread.

ok there you go. I hope you like it .  tyvm  If you need help with this  little bird let me know.  i will be happy to .  Good Luck and Happy Hooking 😉




This was a silly project i thought of for a tall coffee cup, but put it on a mug i don’t use. Just thought he was too cute to use for now. He is holding a blanket to your cup to keep it warm for you while your not holding it. I can move his head and untie the cover. He was a lot of fun.


 His back side. Standing on his legs and tail to balance.


he warms up the day and the coffee. 😉