Crochet Movie Popcorn

If you love Popcorn   you might  just love making these for fun.  

What you will need

Worst weight yarn  White, and Yellow

Hook  G

a stitch marker


blunt needle to sew in end


Stitches Used

magic ring

sl st- slip stitch

sc- single crochet

sc2tog- decrease 2 stitches together

Flo~ Front loop only



in yellow or white

Row 1:  magic ring , 6 sc in ring, (pull ring closed.) (6 total)

Row 2:  2 sc in first st, sc next 2 sts, 2 sc in next st, sc next 2 sts.  (8 total) ( tie your tail end now i used a triple knot.)

Row 3: sc each st around.(8 total) ( now stuff, or fold that tail end in the center of your popcorn)

Row 4: sc2tog the first 2 sts, sc next 2 sts, sc2tog next 2 sts, sc last 2 sts. (6 total)

Row 5: FLO  this row around, *3 sc in next st, sl st next st, repeat 2 more times.*   

pull up  loop and cut leaving a tail to weave back in, this will  close the opening of bottom of pop corn.

now squish  your popcorn back down to give it that puffy look 🙂 your done.

 now make as many as you want in as many flavors as you like 🙂


Here is a close up of the popcorn. salted, butter, and caramel. i didn’t find the color i needed for cheesy popcorn.

The Bag i made for the popcorn, was made from an old CD. 

If your interested in  making this bag  i used this method to make it. follow this  link

i used worst weight yarn, hook H, pulled my starting loop threw the center opening on the CD. slst over edge of CD this stitch does not count.

sc 44 times around CD. total. 

to make it red and white alternate 4 red sts, and 4 white sts, for 8 rows.

carry over the other color, on last dc you will switch colors on the last yo, to complete the dc. your new color should be on top of  finished dc, to start your new color. 

use a reverse sc to finish it off and give it an edge.. cut your done. 

i hope that helps. 

this pattern uses very little yarn.

fast and fun.

not to mention a load of laughs when you trick some one into thinking they are real 🙂

Now you just need the Movie 😀