Stash yarn monsters


Stash yarn monsters were inspired  by a picture i found online.

these would work great on any garment crochet or not, weather you want to make some thing more monster like or just place them in random places they are a lot of fun.

These eyes are made with stash scrap yarn. takes very little yarn and less than 2 cotton balls of cotton or fiber.

I made some adjustments so  if you don’t like loosing your eyes you wont 🙂

Adding fuzzy eye lash yarn around the eyes really makes them come alive. You could make a pair of Lorax eyes  with these.  I wish i had thought of making these for my Agent “T”.  well  there is always  another day  right?

ok lets get to it.  here is what you need.

Worst weight yarn~ some scrap  pieces

scissors~  cut  yarn only.

Blunt needle~ to sew in ends

Hook ~H or smaller to obtain  the Gage you need.



American terms

Stitches used

Magic ring

slip stitch ~sl st

single crochet~ sc

sc2tog~  to work 2 sc in a decrease together.

All Rows Join UNLESS TOLD TO TURN. ( last row of eye lid)

All Rows will have a Ch 1, and sc in the same place and count as 1.



Eye Lid~  make 2

Row 1:   magic ring ,6 sc

Row 2:  12 sc  (2sc each st)

Row 3:  18 sc  ( sc, 2 sc next st. around)

Row 4-5:  sc each st   (18 total)

Row 6:   ch 1, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc, sl st 2 ch 1, turn

sc in first sc,( <~skip over the sl sts) sc 3 more 4 total, sl st next 2 sc, do not turn

sc next 6, sl st next 2 sts, ch 1, turn

sc in first sc,(<~ again skip over the sl sts) sc next 5, sl st next st, sl st one more done cut , use this end to sew the 2 eyes together so they stay together . not necessary to sew the eye lids together.

(Poke the center string back threw other side to attach it to some thing you wants to have monster eyes.)



Eye ball~  make 2

Row 1:  (in black)  magic ring, 5 sc, cut

Row 2:  (in brown) 10 sc (2 sc each st)  cut

Row 3:  (in white )15 sc ( 2 sc, sc, around)

Row 4-5:  sc each st  (total  15 sc )

Row 6:  sc2tog all but last stitch ( 7 sc2togs and 1 sc. Total ) stuff eye now.

Less than 2 cotton balls needed of fiber, or filling.

Row 7:  Sc2tog each st.( 4 remaining  sts. left )

**If you would like to attach the eye to lids so they wont get lost**  if not  cut your done.

Flip eye lid inside out, and attach the eye to center with a sl st or sc and you wont lose your eyes

Chain 2, sl st in  center  of eye lid and ch 2 sl st back to eye ball Cut done.

now put them together 🙂


 Lastly take some different yarn fuzzy or latch some yarn and make eye brows or a mustache even ( I used the 2nd to last row and worked over that.)



 If you need a little more help with the eye’s and lids  here you go 🙂


picture above  is  the start of the  eye. i didn’t weave in the ends i started my next color with a sl st next to the last st i made.



again i didn’t weave in the ends and started next to the last sts made.



the first 3 rows made, now to decrease the next row.



7 sc2togs and sc the last st.  about this much cotton or scrap yarn.



4 sc2togs on top, ch 2.  to attach it to  eye lid.



pull the center sting back threw to other side so you can work the eye ball in, now flip it inside out so you can see.



place your hook from one side to the center opening(magic ring) to attach your eye ball sl st or sc,  across from  the stitch you just made sl st or sc again. then ch 2, and sl st back to eye ball.



weave in that end. and your done with the eye 🙂



this is what you should have now.



now if you want the 2 eyes to stay together and keep the look you made sew the lose end you finished the lid with to sew them together in the middle of the 2 eye.

Remember  your eye will move freely in the lid, but the lid is set. so  when sewing  the 2 lids together make sure you have them where you want them first.

then  go Crazy they are monsters after all 🙂

stash yarn monsters


give  them some character 🙂

100_0030Have fun taming your monsters, they tend to get in to  things late at night , and they don’t like to share 😦

i hope you enjoy this  fun scrap buster project.

now i have some thing to use those little scrap  pieces of yarn for.

Thank you for  checking them out  Shell 🙂