This Bonsai Tree was a lot of fun and very easy to make. The tricky part was getting it to stand up after adding the leaves. One rock seemed Enough for now.  I hope it leads to more fun Bonsai’s  to come.

stands at 8 inches tall and 5 inches wide.

I wanted some thing to go with my Asian Style stuff in my living room. After making the doll  i kept making more to go with her and i am not done yet 🙂 Can’t seem to stop my self  lol.

i bought a case to put “Sparrow” my Oriental Doll  in.  Next thing i knew i bought a dragon pattern on line  to go with the Doll.


I even made  her some Shoes. hard to see in the picture so  i will show you.





Now i will work on a much smaller Bonsai  for the doll.  As well as an  Orchid plant.

got so excited over this  i may make a vase and scroll to go with it.  maybe even a stand for her in the box.?

my thoughts are spinning at all i could  do with this. Inspiration, every where.  😉