Sparrow Oriental doll

while i was working on the dark angel , i thought i wanted to work on a doll i have not seen any one make yet. a challenge i yelled!  i must do this i thought.

so i got started , got my  note book out and drew a picture, then gave it thought  lots of it.  let it stew in my head 2 weeks and i think it’s about ready to do.

she is tallest doll so far i have made 😉

she has beads, cherry blossoms, leaves, and  birds.  i must say she turned out just as i wanted.  I worked on this while talking to a good friend on Face book , Christy helped me  see what i needed to make this really come together completely. with out her help it would have not been as nice. ty Again Christy  😉

This small bird, is a pattern i made  for Sparrow from a drawing.

Bird was made in # 10 thread and # 12 thread.  i used a # 7  hook and # 10 hook. to make it as small as i could.


Bird~ don’t chain too loosely or the eye will be too big unless you want that.

ch 8, sl st 2nd ch from hook, in next st ( sc, 3 hdc, ) in the next sc, dc next 3, to last st, ( 3 dc, hdc. in last) work tail next do not cut off.

Tail ~ ch 2, dc, tr, ch 1, tr, dc, ch 2 sl st. cut weave in or tie off, ( if you don’t want to cut off ch3)

Find the 3rd dc on top behind head. Start big wing there.

Big Wing~ ch 7, sl st 2nd from hook, sc 2, hdc 3, sl st ( to back of bird 4th dc,)

ch 2, turn, hdc, ch 2, (3times), last 3 dc (in place of hdc) weave off or cut. Big wing finished

Small Wing ~ (small back wing), ch 6 sl st first 2, sc remaining 3,sl st, turn ,

ch, 2, sc, across, last 2 sl st in place of sc, weave in ends or cut. Small wing finished,  finished bird.

If you would like to add legs stitch them in with thread.

ok there you go. I hope you like it .  tyvm  If you need help with this  little bird let me know.  i will be happy to .  Good Luck and Happy Hooking 😉