Christmas Tree Angel.

Back in the 90’s  i wanted to make some thing new for my tree.  I found this  poor little crochet angel in the trash and thought  it was neat but  could look better, and had seen better days. So,  with out thinking much i started on this project.

I found the first one i made  a few years ago  sitting around and thought i could do this better if i just tried  so my mission was clear.

With thread i re- worked every thing with out looking back at the pattern i had made. to find  a few differences when i did finally look back well all is well that ends well. turns out it was ok  , and gave me a few thoughts on how i would really like to see this come out.

So far the wings are the hardest part of it. Been a lot of fun and  i have to say the wings turned out just as i wanted them to ;)  i still need to work on the face i fear this part , i don’t want to fail here  so i need to be sure i take the time to do it right and think it threw.

i spent the day yesterday thinking about the dreaded face , while  stitching the wing in place. i could see what i wanted but how to get there?  I thought it would be best to work on the hair next and give the face more time.

Last night i started with worry thinking it’s not going to work. tried 3 ways tell  all the sudden it came to me what  i needed to do  to make this happen. Inspiration struck!  so i raced to  try it and  yes it was a winner.!  i could see my project really going to work and i could see a few things to add as well.  Excited as  Doctor Frankenstein. SHES ALIVE !   hahaha.   rise i say  rise.  lol with one curl  i am almost there. Not .

i have run my tests on the pattern and i am done, stared a dark angel and  other dolls to come. i guess i should just stick to making things i want in my house, rather than things i may not ever sale. ;(

Lisa christmas angel down load pdf

Cas wings for help. my down load wont go on this computer. sorry about that but you can look down the page for the wings,  i will get this fixed soon.  12/8/1213

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