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This was a silly project i thought of for a tall coffee cup, but put it on a mug i don’t use. Just thought he was too cute to use for now. He is holding a blanket to your cup to keep it warm for you while your not holding it. I can move his head and untie the cover. He was a lot of fun.


 His back side. Standing on his legs and tail to balance.


he warms up the day and the coffee. 😉



Skull cap

i wanted to make my own skull cap  but  i wanted the picture worked in,  So after searching a long time i  found a pattern on line.Skull pattern & Creator Thank you to the Creator .   After practicing this  a while. I was ready to try it on some thing so first i tried a coffee sleeve for my son.

then he waned a Hacky sack .

finally a skull cap.

i thought it would be harder. as it turns out it was a lot of fun ;))

that was my adventures in the skull pattern so far 😉 shell.

Recycled hangers  or good stiff but not too stiff wire.

i made this pattern in 1999 or so. wrote it on paper , that was before we had a computer 😉 my spiral was full of thoughts to try, since i didn’t see many patterns at the time.

my kids were getting older and didn’t bring home those art works we loved so much each holiday. with out some thing for the door it didn’t seem Christmas extended out my door with out their work of art. seem like another day.  i wanted to fix that.  so this is what  happen i had way too many hangers and  took some made rings tell i was happy with 3 and  created the snow man, that now lives in my Christmas  stuff 😉


this pictures shows some of what you will need. and how the  rings look.


this picture shows how you will be working around the rings.


this picture shows how the loops and rings will work in one piece.


this pictures shows the last step.


this is the finished body 😉

i made this patter free 😉 i hope you like it happy holidays 😉Recycled hanger Snow man pdf 😉